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About us

Food Futures Insights is a new type of insights agency. We’re all about helping you to experience the trends that matter, by using the stage of leading cities across Europe to bring the latest developments in food-to-go, retail and foodservice to life.  We combine theory and practice by helping you learn in the store environment, delivered via our immersive store experiences. 


As traditional boundaries between foodservice and retail blur, we help our clients to understand the future of the physical in-store environment, and the importance of experience in the food formats of the future. 

Food Futures Insights is led by Gavin Rothwell, a leading European food-to-go and retail expert with over  20  years’ experience of helping businesses make better decisions to drive their food-to-go and retail strategies.                                                                                                   +44 (0)7803 663601


Gavin Rothwell

Director and Founder

Gavin has over 20  years' experience of analysing and consulting into the food retail and food-to-go sector, which he's most recently combined with leading food-to-go and retail safaris across a host of European and North American cities. As the founder of Food Futures Insights, his particular focus is on the evolution of food & drink propositions, whether they be in food retail, food-to-go or other environments, frequently delivered through food retail and food-to-go safaris in leading cities across Europe and North America. 


Before setting up Food Futures Insights, he spent 14 years at IGD,  leading a range of global projects and initiatives and establishing both IGD's global food-to-go insights stream and its European retail safari programme. 

Gavin closely tracks major trends and strategies, across both retail and food-to-go, and uses this insight to help FFI's customers make better strategic decisions. He is an experienced public speaker and regularly presents at events. In his time, he has also led the grocery and home related goods retailing team at Verdict Research, and spent time working as an FMCG/ CPG consultant analyst at Datamonitor.   Follow or connect with Gavin on LinkedIn to stay up to date with his latest insights, or  email him at

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