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Dublin 2023

Dublin, 16 October

Get up to speed with the latest innovations in this best-in-class market for food-to-go in retail

Winning in food-to-go - a one day workshop, 4 July
Equip  your food-to-go business for growth 
FTG workshop updated 2.png

London, 20 September

Exploring food-to-go and beyond, we'll assess the future food-to-go landscape, the changing nature of the competitor set and the emerging opportunities  

Food-to-go in Amsterdam, 24 September  
Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 16.10.20.png
Winning in food-to-go - a one day workshop, 26 September

Equip  your food-to-go business for growth 

FTG workshop updated 2.png

Not found what you need? Get in touch 

We can customise our safaris around your needs, whether focused around format evolution, food-to-go, food-for-later or a wide range of category specific focus areas. If you prefer,  we can bring the trends, innovation and inspiration to you through our insight presentations.

Why choose our safaris?

Our safaris help you unlock insight, innovation and inspiration in leading cities across Europe and the US.  You can either book a place on one of the safaris featured here, or talk to Gavin about a more tailored retail or food-to-go safari for your team, business or clients. 

As well as a safari, you might call it a study tour, market sweep, or inspiration tour, or retail market analysis, but if you want to unlock the best inspiration or innovation in a city, we're here for you. 

For us, seeing is definitely believing, which is why we focus so strongly on retail & food-to-go safaris. But our sessions are about much more than just visiting stores or concepts. Fundamentally, we'll help you make sense of what they mean for the broader market, and where they fit. Typically we'll brief you and your group at the start of the day about the wider market, sharing key dynamics and trends. Why do we do this? To help you put what you see in context. and better understand the how and the why, as well as the what. 

All our safaris are led by Gavin Rothwell, an expert in this field. with over 20 years experience. Small groups, extensive interaction, and well-structured tours are all core principles of how we typically operate. 

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