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1. A food-to-go revolution is under way

We've witnessed some tremendous growth in food-to-go across many markets over recent years, and shifting consumer trends suggest a strong opportunity further growth ahead. Cities such as Dublin, Amsterdam and London offer fantastic inspiration into the broader market opportunities across Europe.

2. The rise of the food hall is changing the rules of the game

Food halls are emerging at pace across a growing number of cities across Europe and North America. They're creating new food destinations, and new competition for restaurants. But the flexibility of format cultivates innovation, and increasingly retailers and foodservice operators alike are looking to them for inspiration.

3. More retailers are becoming "grocerants"

As alternative channels such as online and discount have grown, fewer groceries are being bought from big stores. Retailers are however working hard to redress this, adding new services and reasons to visit. A growing number are growing food-to-go and broader foodservice credentials and credibility as they look to meet more food missions.

4. The growing importance of fresh

Fresh, in its broadest sense, is increasingly being used to differentiate stores from their online competition. And there are some natural benefits here for those retailers looking to grow capability and credibility in food-to-go and in food-for-later. Done well, the fresh credentials can underpin the broader offer.

5. Healthier alternatives and a healthier everyday

Consumers are more aware of what they eat than ever, and the broader food industry is placing a strong focus on offering healthier alternatives. And in fact, for more consumers, it's less about an occasional healthier alternative, it's more about a healthier starting point for their broader diets, albeit for many consumers it's typically a balance of health and indulgence that determines dietary choices.

6. Delivering experiences will be increasingly important

Whatever part of the food market you trade in, whether food retail, food-to-go or foodservice, going beyond simply selling the product will become increasingly important for physical stores. Store environments will increasingly need to deliver experiential aspects that resonate with consumers and drive deeper engagement. This is where our safaris help shape and develop points of difference.

7. Access all areas - the rise of partnerships

We're in an era in which few businesses have the breadth of capabilities to meet all their goals on their own. More are looking to align with likeminded partners with different capabilities to provide a springboard for new growth.

8. Access all areas - new vending solutions

We've seen some impressive growth from food-to-go as it's been rolled out to more locations. Yet beyond those sites that will support a store, there is a growing opportunity to use vended solutions to drive new growth. More niche operators such as Health Food Wall in the Netherlands, have been the key protagonists to date, but we're seeing new innovation in this space, such as pizza machines, which are capable of opening up more growth opportunities in new types of location.

9. Access all areas - the rise of delivery in food-to-go and foodservice

Deliveroo. Uber Eats. Just Eat. Thuisbezorgd. Foodora. Doordash. just a few of the names that have risen up the awareness of consumers and the broader food sector over recent years. Whatever you think of their business model, it's clear they are having a growing impact on an increasing number of businesses' strategies, not least with the rise of online only restaurant brands.

10. Protecting the planet

Doing business responsibly and sustainably is not a choice, it's a necessity for businesses looking for long-term growth.

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