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Introducing: Food Formats In Focus

We’re delighted to launch a new subscription service, designed to help anyone involved in the food-to-go stay on top of the key latest global developments.

What is Food Formats in Focus?

Food Formats in Focus is a new series of reports from Food Futures Insights, designed to keep you up to speed with the latest in global food format development. Our specialism lies at the cross-section of retail and food-to-go, so within this series you’ll see a focus on retail format developments that progress thinking and opportunity in the food-to-go space. We’ll also look in detail at the key trends shaping the food-to-go landscape and opportunity.

We’ll also look at other related areas, not least food-for-later, and we’ll help you understand in retail formats how different categories fit together in-store. We’ll also cover food-to-go specialists format developments, as well the evolution of food halls and how food-for-now is evolving in travel locations.

Why do I need this?

If you've a global team that track food-to-go developments and innovations for you already, then maybe you don't. But if you're in a business where understanding innovation across formats, missions, menus and solutions is important. (clue: in food-to-go it is!), then by subscribing, you're taking a crucial step towards building a more robust, better informed, growth strategy.

What does the subscription include?

Each month, we'll take a closer look at a particular aspect of the food-to-go opportunity. This might be looking at a particular channel, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, forecourts or broader travel, or it might be looking at a particular theme, such as how ranges and menus are developing to include healthier options, the development of partnerships or a focus on a particular aspect of food-to-go specialists. Equally, now and then we'll throw in a city special, to help give you a virtual safari, even if you can't join our physical safari programme. As part of the package, you'll also receive four flagship store reports.

What do the reports look like?

Take a look at our latest food-to-go trends deck here.

What does it cost?

Our annual subscription rate is £1,800 (+VAT) for our basic package of 12 issues in 2021.

How do I sign up?


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