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What we learned from food-to-go in Paris

We recently spent some time getting up to speed with the food-to-go landscape in Paris. Here are our top findings:

  • A vibrant food-to-go landscape that offers inspiration in spades. We were impressed by the levels and direction of food-to-go development overall, with propositions and initiatives that definitely in some measures go beyond what we’ve seen in benchmark markets such as London, Dublin and Amsterdam. Clearly, bakery concepts are a strong and evolving stream, but this represented only a small part of the development we saw.

  • Healthier eating options impress. The evolution of salad options was certainly a strong feature of what we saw. Simply put, salad is done very well by a number of different operators across the price spectrum. The evolution of bowls and poké is also a clear exntesion of this. In supermarkets and convenience there are also options that are a considerable upgrade on what those in many countries offer, not least seen through Picadeli salad bars and the Bolk salad vending solution.

  • Newer fast food and wider hot options are strong and differentiated. We were surprised at the extent of fast food development beyond burgers, not least from the likes of O'Tacos (French 'tacos') and Berliner (kebabs).

  • Monoprix is one to watch for many reasons around food-for-now but also food-for-later. Monoprix is worthy of a full report in its own right around its diversification and development in food-to-go, but for the purposes of brevity, we'll focus here on the three features that instantly stood out to us. Firstly, the food-to-go sub branding through culinary specialist brands across Italian, Korean street food, Japanese soul food and Middle Eastern food within its food-to-go shelving really helps on many levels, not least in making it easier to shop. Secondly, the development of shop-in-shop counters with partners – we saw the Little Fuxia counter unit at one of its stores by La Defense, a smaller offshoot of a well-known Italian restaurant brand. And thirdly in the product innovation itself. One example is onigiri, found in several different flavour profiles across different Monoprix stores, while we were also struck by the variety of healthier, fresh focused, lunch options.

  • We were struck by new and different interpretations and execution of Asian options. Poké's strength impresses, but beyond this, across Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine most prominently, ranges and propositions felt to be advanced compared with those seen on other key European centres.

  • Overall there is alot to learn from and get excited about in Paris. Get in touch to find out more about how our Paris food-to-go and food retail safari on 18 April can help you unlock new innovation and growth opportunities. Or simply sign up here.

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