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gooods, Zurich – a new benchmark for convenience

Following the recent impressive larger format Bridge store opening, Migros has today opened its latest new concept, gooods, through its convenience Migrolino operation.

While we couldn’t make it to the opening, friend of Food Futures Insights and webinar co-host Benjamin Nothaft has been to visit the store at Zurich’s Tiefenbrunnen Bahnhof. Here’s what he took from the visit and his impressions on what looks set to be a new benchmark in European benchmark retailing.

A new type of convenience store

It’s hard to overstate how impressive this concept is – in fact it’s not far from what I’d consider my dream convenience store, ably meeting a full range of needs for today, whether they be food or non-food. It’s a big step forward for Migrolino, and looks to have taken design inspiration from the likes of Foxtrot in the US. The whole operation has clearly been very well thought through. The summary is that it looks great, offers many impressive products and works well in delivering a fantastic shopping experience underpinned by technology.

Fixturing and signage to surprise and delight

It really is very impressive. Differentiated fixtures help celebrate individual categories, even bringing to life for example the different components of the food-to-go offer as well as the rest of the store. The circular rotating digital board also really adds to the ambience in-store, communicating relevant food-focused messages.

A concept underpinned by fresh

It’s harsh that I only now begin to talk about the food itself, because it impressed me as much as the design. The fresh focus is really strong, whether in the quality oriented and enticing bakery offer, the visually impactful produce range, the hot food-to-go or the broader range of bowls, salads, sandwiches and evening meal solutions that were on offer. Personally I love the bakery offer, talking to the team members in-store really brought out how regular baking and quality bakery products were core priorities for the concept.

Designed around fuller daily needs

The location is residential, but also leisure oriented, with the store sited as part of a Zurich suburban station alongside the lake. And ranges have been constructed with this in mind, meeting the full range of needs for today, including sun cream and flowers for example as well as an extensive range of food-for-now and food-for-later. There’s also great organic coffee on offer, via a bean to cup machine, where a digital screen tells the story behind the coffee via impactful images. And if you want to eat or drink on site, attractive internal and external seating areas encourage you to dwell.

Health & wellness and sustainability also prominent

Again lots on offer on both counts, some in-depth ranging that goes well beyond what you expect from even top end convenience stores. Vegan ice cream for example – where there were 10 different lines, while there’s a strong focus on organic options across the store. Sustainability feels like it’s deeply embedded in the concept.


There are many clever things going on here, not least the app, designed specifically for the gooods concept. You can use this to scan & pay in-store, as well as to get rapid delivery – within 60 minutes for those living close to the store. E barcodes on the shelf edge labels also help the pay-by-app in-store journey. But it’s fine as well if you don’t want to use the app – though signage around the store reminds you that it’s there if you want it.

A concept that could fit in many locations

It covers all the healthy and fresh side of things really well, and does a good job in covering other convenience essentials – notably in an understated way for some of the less healthy lines. Everything about this concept however makes it a great solution for suburban locations. And there’s much potential beyond that – this would fit well in universities, workplaces and hospitals for example. Already I can’t wait to go back.

Learn more about our webinar: this Friday at 11am UK & Ireland time, 12pm CET.

You can sign up here for the session with myself and Ben, where this time our special guest will be Pure CEO & Founder Spencer Craig.


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