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What you can take from our 2023 retail & food-to-go safari programme

With events across four different cities now launched, we're confident we've designed a a rounded programme to help you better understand various aspects around the shape of the food-to-go market and the opportunities ahead. Find out more about each of our destinations below.

We'll be running safaris in London, Paris and Dublin in H1, before our session in September in Copenhagen. Our combination of trends, insights and practical examples is designed to help you better understand innovation and what it means - or could mean - for your business.

London, 23 March

Why join: London has long been regarded as a benchmark for food-to-go, with good reason. And the recent expansion of food halls has only added to its position as the trend setter for the UK food market overall - and a key influencer on many other markets. Our core focus will be on food-to-go, but we’ll also draw on broader concepts in a session designed to upskill you around the future landscape.

What you’ll learn: First of all, we’ll brief you on the UK food-to-go market and the direction for the broader food & drink market. We'll then draw on 10 best in class concepts to highlight 10 key trends and developments shaping the market and influencing your opportunity. Like our usual safaris, you'll get under the skin of some great concepts, but here we'll look to draw on the unique DNA of each to call out trends, challenges and opportunities.

How to sign up: book online here.

Paris, 18 April (new for 2023)

Why join: Paris has a lot going on around both food-for-now and food-for-later innovation, with a range of food-to-go specialists differentiating their offers effectively around specific cuisines, salads or healthier eating. Bakery is of course a strong influence, but that’s just part of an increasingly diverse food-to-go landscape, with strong and expanding specialists as well as retailers doing some fantastic things around food-to-go partnerships and innovation.

What you’ll learn: We’ve learned a lot on recent visits, around menus/ product, presentation, meal deals, time of day merchandising and new food-to-go solutions from different global cuisines. We will of course brief you on the broader market as well, the key differences vs. other markets, and how we think it could evolve. Differentiated approaches, such as Luna Foods' development of different sub brands by cuisine type at the likes of Monoprix, will undoubtedly stimulate thinking around brand and sub brand development in both food-to-go and food-for-later.

How to sign up: book online here.

Dublin, 18 May

Why join: The Dublin landscape remains a rich one when it comes to food-to-go development, with a particular focus around food-to-go in retail, which continues to go from strength to strength. There are few cities across Europe that offer such a rich development, across multiple retailers of food-to-go in retail. We’ve seen this in place for some time now, and crucially it continues to evolve, in newer formats that expand the opportunity. What's more, you'll also get the chance to visit some of Europe's best supermarkets, focused on celebrating fresh and also innovating in how they collaborate with trading partners and brands.

What you’ll learn: If you’re looking to grow food-to-go in retail in your market, whether as a retailer, a food-to-go specialist or a supplier, you can take extensive inspiration from a market where propositions are well developed in this space, and where the ambition remains to grow further. There are also some great pointers for future development opportunities for supermarkets overall, and how they can effectively service local community needs. We'll talk you through the story of this journey, the key successes along the way and the learnings for other markets around the approach and opportunity.

How to sign up: book online here.

Copenhagen, 7 September (new for 2023)

Why join: This is a different take on food-to-go to most other European markets. Product development has been a high priority, and menu innovation, developed within differentiated concepts has added to the overall strong foodie culture. If you're looking for NPD inspiration, this market won't disappoint.

What you’ll learn: You'll get under the skin of successful, innovative, healthier eating specialists as well best-in-class food-to-go in retail from 7-Eleven Denmark. Product and menu development is differentiated, with a strong seasonal and provenance skew, and the concepts created around these impress across both the visual and gastronomic aspects of their proposition. This is a chance to see how the strong foodie culture that pervades across the city supports extensive differentiation in the food-to-go space. We’ll also look at some of the food-for-later development in urban supermarkets, which stands out vs. other markets, as well as Noahs, the smart kitchen concept that's now rolling out in Meny supermarkets.

How to sign up: book online here.


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