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Winning in food-to-go in 2024

Updated: Jan 19


Here are some of the ways we can help you stay on top of the latest trends and developments across the markets and equip yourself for growth.


1.     Join our London food-to-go meet up on 25 January


We’ve been collaborating with Matt Cundrick on a project designed to give an operational and proposition based overview of the opportunities and challenges across food-to-go. And we’re excited to be sharing the top line findings and recommendations at our first ever food-to-go insights & meet up session in London on Thursday 25 January. Taking place at Change Please, on Triton Street (near Euston), this session is about sharing our latest insights and bringing the broader industry together. As we write we’ve still a few places left so get in touch direct if you want to join us.   Those attending will receive a complimentary summary report of our findings.


2.     Get the latest on the ground insights through our safaris


Our food-to-go safaris remain a core pillar of our activities. This is based on the belief that understanding how other markets are evolving can provide impactful inspiration to help drive successful innovation and strategic development. We put the best, most relevant and most innovative concepts in particular city into a day long programme supported by our perspectives and insights around broader market evolution. The programme shifts each year, to give breadth of insights across different markets and to reflect changes under way, so far for this year we’ve confirmed dates in Paris, London and Dublin – more details on each below, as well as links to book your place.


  • Paris, 29 February. As a leading European city with a strong focus on food, there’s always a lot to learn from any time spent in Paris looking at the broader food & drink market. Within our focus on food-to-go, we will look at the value adding strategies across the market, with a particular focus on healthier eating. Brand building and curation is a key strength of French businesses, and food-to-go is no exception.

  • London, 7 March. London remains a key global melting pot, and a focus for innovation across food-to-go. This event is a staple on our annual calendar, designed to help businesses better understand the changing London food-to-go landscape, the latest trends and innovative concepts from across the sector and the opportunities that could emerge out of this.

  • Dublin, 11 June. Ireland has long been a reference market when it comes to food-to-go development in retail. In this one day session, we’ll showcase some of the latest best concepts from across the sector, drawing on case studies of success, core principles behind the success and some of the upcoming opportunities.  


And of course, we continue to deliver client-specific safaris across a range of leading cities, typically focused around food-to-go innovation, whether among specialists or retailers, but also focused on broader food & drink retail evolution and development. Get in touch to find out more about how we can support you and drive innovation across your business.


3. Join our food-to-go workshop

Off the back of our collaboration with Matt Cundrick, we're delighted to unveil our Winning in food-to-go workshop. Designed to equip you with operational and proposition perspectives to help run better food-to-go businesses, you can be the first to benefit from this at our session on 21 March in London. Find out more and book your place here.


4. Sign up to our free weekly retail & food-to-go update


Life moves fast, as does the wider food-to-go industry. So each week we share our latest perspectives on what’s going on across the sector across Europe, designed to keep you up to speed with the most relevant developments. Email us at if you want to receive this.




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